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It doesn’t matter if you are a football fan or not, if someone says Bend it Like…, you are going to finish that sentence with Beckham. David Beckham is well known to football fans for his skilled free kicks and to non-football fans for his style, hair and life in the spotlight. But even if you had David Beckham posters adorning your walls, there is still a lot you might not know about the father of four.

For example, his time at Manchester United is well documented, but how many other teams did he play for in his 20 year career? And while the media captured his every move during his playing days, what has he been doing since his retirement from football? Here’s your chance to step on the pitch, show your skills and take the David Beckham quizzes.
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He is one of the world's greatest football players and he is married to ex-Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham. He became very popular due to his many appearances in media and in commercials for international brands. Are you a real...

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    What Football Club discovered his talent at a young age? 

You think you know about David Beckham.

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    How many times has David Beckham been named to the FIFA World Cup all-star team?

You think you know David Beckham? Well why not prove it to your friend by finishing this quiz and getting the highest score? We play by the rules though. When you start this quiz, make sure you don't leave the page until you...

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    Just to get you started, what is David Beckham's full name?

Cruz Beckham is the middle son of the Football superstar David Beckham. If you think you know this little man, find out and take the quiz.

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    Who is his former Spice Girl member mother?

Level 103

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    How many years did David Beckham play with Manchester United?


David Beckham Questions & Answers

What teams has David Beckham played for?
David Beckham has played for many teams in his football career. In his early days, he was part of the Tottenham youth structure in England. This was part of his early times in the sports. Then he moved on to Preston North End and gained more experien
What was David Beckham's play style?
One of the greatest strengths of David Beckham was that he was a hard working person with an unflinching focus. He was surely a hard working midfielder who really didn't have a great pace. Yet, he was great with his right foot that he worked hard to
What make David Beckham so famous?
David Beckham became famous not because of his quick rise to professional status. Rather than this quick rise, he began as a young player in minor teams and built his way up. This was a phenomenal move gradually up the ranks as a player who was in it
When was Beckham's prime?
America was fascinated with Beckham and his ability to play the sport so well and his ability to inspire others. It was 2007 that culminated for Beckham a full decade of dominance. He signed a five year $250 million deal with the L. A. Galaxy team.
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