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  • Rabies can only be spread by a bite from an infected creature. 
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  • Drinking blood is a recent addition to the vampire myth. 
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  • The Beast of Gevaudan was a man-eating wolfdog that terrorized France in the 1700's. Supposedly, it was killed with a ______ bullet, which may be why this metal is said in current mythology to be the only thing capable of killing a werewolf.   
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  • To begin, what kind of scientist are you?
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  • Why should people study reptiles and amphibians? Select all that apply. 
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  • Which passive sampling tool(s) can you use to catch reptiles and amphibians? Select all that apply.
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  • What is the order of symbols (from left to right, starting with row one) on the fairy tale book Shrek reads at the beginning?

  • What colour is the seventh letter on the seventh page of Shrek's storybook at the beginning?

  • In the opening credits, whose name does Shrek spit out in mud?

  • Kirin is also the Japanese word for?

  • The kirin has been physically described as?

  • Kirin is depicted as?