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  • What type of examples are the keyboard, mouse, and tower case?
    What type of examples are the keyboard, mouse, and tower case?
    The correct answer is option B. Keyboard, mouse, and tower case are examples of hardware. Hardware are known as the physical elements or component of the computer, other examples include to mention but a few monitors, the central processing unit (CPU), joystick, hard disk drive. All other options are wrong. Softwares are programmed instructions stored in the computer system for execution by the processor examples are operating systems, firmware, drivers etc. A computer is a device that accesses and process data to give information. An application is a software program on a computer system.

  • What is the scope of wearable technology?
    What is the scope of wearable technology?
    I wouldn't say 'infinite' because the extent is determined by the number of usable parts of the body! However, smart patches can be worn anywhere on the body to monitor health needs. Creative use of wearable tecnology can excite the worlds of medicine, health, safety, music, communication, warmth, sport, arts and culture. Future applications worn on the jaw may predict need for medical attention, on the foot may protect a woman from attack, on the ear may allow simultaneous enjoyment of music and awareness of everyday sounds in the environment. Smart glasses are already proving an excellent aid for sports and can now be adapted to allow bone conduction so that Alexa can operate without the need for ear buds. Future wearable technology may also include a gadget that provides personal warmth via the wrist, obviating the need for heating. It really is an open field for those with creative minds. A third world of devices will be here soon.

  • What should be the specifications to run a computer with 3 integrated monitors?
    What should be the specifications to run a computer with 3 integrated monitors?
    Having multiple monitors is something that has become more and more of the norm these days. One can easily say that the popularity of multiple monitors can about because of more and more people remotely working from home. The very first specification that needs to be handled when it comes to using 3 integrated monitors is making sure that you have a graphics card that can handle the muliple screens. It should have multiple video ports to handle the three screens. Then there is getting the multiple montiors and cables. Your main monitor is of most importance but the extra monitors don't have to be so fancy. As long as they have the ports and cables to hook up to the hard drive then it will work. When it comes to setting the computer up with the three monitors, the best thing to do is get someone who knows what they are doing to hook it up. This will assure that it is hooked up correctly and the main thing is that the monitors will integrate and work like they are intended to.

  • Why are there only 256 ASCII codes?
    Why are there only 256 ASCII codes?
    There is a simple reason as to why there are only 256 total ASCII codes. ASCII is a program language that is geared for 8 bit graphics. ASCII was a computer language that was real popular in the early days of computer gaming with the making of the graphics for those games. That means that there are 256 characters in the language thus comes the reason that there are 256 total codes in the ASCII computer language. ASCII actually stands for American Standard Code For Information Exchange and is one of the oldest telecommunications codes and programming languages around today. It actually started out as a code to be used with telegraph machines. It eventually became widely used in word processors and eventually in home computers.It was one of the first languages that became widely known by the general computing public to the point where they could learn on their own to operate the ASCII language to make their own programs. ASCII code and language is still used to this day in various data applications and other integral coumputing solutions.

  • What are esoteric programming languages?
    What are esoteric programming languages?
    Esoteric programming languages are those designed to make a point about our language design, in many cases a kind of in-programming joke. These programmes are so varied that they are difficult to categorise. For instance, there is one that is designed just to output its source code. Another camouflages the real meaning of messages. There are languages with a specific objective, such as bypassing a security system, others that create deliberately unusable languages. Another has artistic endpoints, while Befunge aimed to design a language for which it was as hard as possible to create a compiler. All this is very sophisticated stuff for the non-programmer individual and from that outsider point of view, it might seem that very skilled people are spending valuable time producing highly unusual work with dubious end resullts.

  • Why are esoteric programming languages made?
    Why are esoteric programming languages made?
    The reasons for making esoteric programming languages are ostensibly to make an intellectual point about language construction or language use. However, they perform an in-programmer function, nerd-like, some would say, of demonstrating how weird a programme can be, in many cases a highly skilled and - yes - esoteric joke. These languages are not intended to be communicative (almost the opposite) and ideally should have as few instructions as possible and be very difficult to programme in. Brainfuck was possibly the earliest example, the name speaking for itself.

  • Is Gmail a cloud computing service?
    Is Gmail a cloud computing service?
    Google is a cloud-computing service. It is hosting the service when you use gmail. You are not hosting your own. Therefore the content belongs to Google. Gmail is a simple form of software as you service (SAAS) cloud computing service. It can fail, and has done several times, prompting the media to pronounce SAAS on its death throes. But this hasn't happened yet. the reason? Well, one important one is that it is a hassle and expense to provide your own network. Another is that Google is so big. Even huge companies that do have their own network have frequent system failures or down-time for their network.

  • How do gaming graphics card function?
    How do gaming graphics card function?
    Gaming graphics cards are also known as video cards except they are responsible for producing images for video games. These cards have a processing unit, memory, and has connections to a display device. The main function of a gaming graphics card is to enhance the quality of the video image. This is the reason that today's video games are so detailed. A high quality gaming graphics card is needed if the graphics of the game are high quality and project 3D images. A gaming graphics card works just like a motherboard does on the hard drive of the computer. It has a central processing unit and hooks into a dedicated port such as an Accelerated Graphics Port and a Peripheral Interconnect Express port. Some gaming graphics cards come with a cooling feature and fan just like a hard drive has. The great thing is that there are all kinds of gaming graphics cards that are out on the market and they are usually designed to the type of gaming that is intended by the user.

  • Do computing system conver ASCII into Binary Code?
    Do computing system conver ASCII into Binary Code?
    Yes. A computer has the ability to be able to convert ASCII code into binary code. While the ASCII code produces text, a computer converts that information into binary code. What this means is that a computer stores all its data as numbers that are all part of a code. The numbers are the digits of 0 and 1. When it comes to giving the computer an instruction, a string of numbers that are known as a bit string assignment are utilized in order to perform the instruction. Mobile phones are very good example of a computer using binary code. In the end, ASCII uses letters to produce code. The computer still reads this as binary number code and in turn is able to do the tasks that the ASCII code is wanting to be executed. Binary code is the driving force in being able to make any computer to do what it does. ASCII is converted into binary code by the computer and that is why ASCII is able to do what it does.

  • Do computers still use the binary system?
    Do computers still use the binary system?
    Computers most certainly do still use the binary system. A good example of this is with cell phones. Cell phones are known exclusively to use the binary system to program their computer systems. Home computers use the binary system in the same that it has been used for computers since the beginning of computers. A computer saves and retrieves data with a system of numbers that is better known as the binary system. It uses a string of numbers in order to process commands and complete functions. It is officially known as the base-2 numeral system and has been used in digital circuitry for a very long time. The binary number code system can actually trace its roots back to 16th and 17th century Europe. It is believed that some form of binary number code was present during the days of acient China and the days of Biblical lore in Egypt.

  • How do I avoid my domain from being hacked?
    How do I avoid my domain from being hacked?
    Domain names are important, especially when it comes to business. If a domain name were to get stolen, the personal information registered to the domain name could be used to hack other accounts. The great thing is that there are ways that anyone can use to avoid their domain name from being hacked. The first thing is to make sure that you go to a domain registrar that is highly reputable. You want to make sure that they have experience in the field and most importantly that they have safety features in place to make sure that the domain name is not misused. Another thing is to ask the domain registrar to keep your information private and also ask them to lock your domain. For a username, make sure that you use one that is unique to the domain account. Using the same username or email account allows for a hacker to easily be able to do their job. Changing the login information periodically also helps with preventing a domain from being hacked.

  • Can AI be hacked?
    Can AI be hacked?
    The driving force behind any AI robot or device is a computer. Any computer can be hacked thus meaning that yes AI can be hacked. A very good example of this is the AI technology that is assoicated with smart cars. Smart cars depend on some kind of computer that is hooked to a cloud which in turn allows for things such as autonomous driving and automatic start and stop features. These computers can be hacked to make it misinterpret stop signs and disregard speed limits. Faking voice commands is another way that a AI computer can be hacked. The thing is that AI is becoming more and more the norm thus meaning that security is going to be needed for those devices to prevent any kind of hacking. Exclusive protection against hackers for AI computers will certaiinly become more and more popular in the near future.

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