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While computing might be tied to modern day computers, its history dates back much further. Computing has a lot of definitions and differences but it generally involves designing, developing and building hardware and software, and using information to arrive at some kind of computation or end result. Do you know when the first abacus was invented? If you aren’t sure what an abacus even is, it’s an early calculator used for simple math computing.
More complex machines were created by the Greeks, like the Antikythera mechanism, which used gears and calculators to calculate astronomical positions, eclipses, and the dates of Olympic Games. Do you know when the home computer as we know it today was invented? If you’re ready to put your computing knowledge to the test, we dare you to compute our quizzes – they might just be the challenge you’ve been looking for!
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If you are a software developer, one of the things that you need to be conversant with is the topic of soft computing and artificial neural networks. The introduction of these techniques has helped greatly in easing work and...

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    An associative network is

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    Amazon Web Services is which type of cloud computing distribution model?

The quiz below is designed to test your understanding of the introduction to end-user computing we completed this past week. What is a computer? This quiz tests your understanding of everyday computing, Legal Matters in IT,...

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    The keyboard, mouse, and tower case are examples of:

This quiz is designed for you to check yourself that how much you are ready for the midterm

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    Charles Babbage born in

What Do You Know About Interpreter? There are thousands of languages that are spoken in countries all over the world, and there are some multilingual persons that are tasked with helping people understand whatever message is...

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    A "translator"


Computing Questions & Answers

What type of examples are the keyboard, mouse, and tower case?
The correct answer is hardware. Keyboard, mouse, and tower case are examples of hardware. Hardware are known as the physical elements or component of the computer, other examples include to mention but a few monitors, the central processing unit (CP
What is the difference between VPS and Cloud Instance Computing?
VPS is the short form of Virtual Private Service. It is a form of technology that allows computer hardware to support multiple servers at the same time. Each server is separated in such a way that the operation in one won't affect the other, yet all
What is the scope of wearable technology?
I wouldn't say 'infinite' because the extent is determined by the number of usable parts of the body! However, smart patches can be worn anywhere on the body to monitor health needs. Creative use of wearable tecnology can excite the worlds of medicin
What should be the specifications to run a computer with 3 integrated monitors?
Having multiple monitors is something that has become more and more of the norm these days. One can easily say that the popularity of multiple monitors can about because of more and more people remotely working from home. The very first specification
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