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Well, it’s official. Pretty much everyone now has broadband and the majority us of use the Internet more than we watch TV. Everyone and their grandmothers are on Facebook, and many of us have some kind of embarrassing moment enshrined on YouTube. But how much do you really know about the Internet revolution? Take computer networks for example: do you know the answers to questions like “In terms of communication across a network, what does ATM stand for?”

“In addition to an IP address, what other piece of information is needed for a computer to join a network using TCPIP?”, and “What type of connector is used in a 10base2 network?” Maybe it’s time you find out not only how to use the technology, but also the way it works!

Computer networks are designed in a way that will make information and data transfer be stress free. These networks exist in different types and we covered them all in class. Take up the quiz below and test how much you...

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    What is a standalone computer?

Below is an advanced computer hardware and network components test that is perfect for any person who is beginning their lessons on computers. The quiz below is designed for all of you out there that want to test out what they...

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    What is the minimum number of computers needed for a computer network?

This quiz will test (as well as measure) your knowledge on computer and network/internet security. Some questions only require basic knowledge of security, while other questions require a bit more knowledge. How much do you know...

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    Which of the following is most likely to send spam emails from your computer?

This is a network quiz

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    What is a LAN

Kompetensi yang diujikan / Competency tested :- Jaringan Komputer / Computer NetworkWaktu Ujian / Time Attack : 20 MinutesTuliskan (hanya) nama lengkap anda dengan huruf kapital didepannya, dan bila sudah selesai mengerjakan...

Questions: 20  |  Attempts: 283   |  Last updated: Jan 7, 2013
  • Sample Question
    Kompetensi yang bertujuan untuk mempelajari konsep teknik menghubungkan antar komputer dengan tujuan saling berbagi (share) informasi, adalah :

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Computer Network Questions & Answers

Which network topology requires terminators?
The correct answer to the question “Which network topology requires terminators?” is letter A or bus network. Before we delve into that, it is worthy to mention that there are two kinds of topology – the logical topology which defin
What is the difference between WLAN and WWAN?
WWAN and WLAN are both forms of wireless networks which provide connectivity on the run. So far one is within range, the network can be connected to, and services like email, internet connection, file storage, and more can be accessed. The major diff
What is the difference between XFP and SFP?
SFP+ module and XFP module are both working at 10G data rate but have different specification and power. XFP was released in 2002 that works as a pluggable transceiver and is used with a fiber optic cable to connect to a high-speed network. It was up
What is a honeypot?
A honeypot is a computer security system set up to deliberately bait and attract attackers. It is designed to act as part of the system and be invisible. In this way, they gather information to stop these attacks. There are different types. A product