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  • Do you make the most sacrifices in your relationship?
    Do you make the most sacrifices in your relationship?
    I don't intact he does it for me sometimes I do but it isn't equal so I guess u can say he does

  • Do you let friends get in the way of your relationship?
    Do you let friends get in the way of your relationship?
    He does not want me to talk to any of my male friends he says he feel insecure and we are in a distance relationship and most of my best friends are male. But he doesn't want that and that is the only problem we have ever had and i had to block them and there are some I can't and because of that he says we are not compatible.

  • Have your partner ever pressure you to do anything you dont?
    Have your partner ever pressure you to do anything you dont?
    He only pressure me about he wanting me to stop talking to my male guys and telling me if i can't end my friendship with them then he is ging to break up with me.

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