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Are you a poker player or maybe you just buy a lottery ticket every once in a while? Then you must be familiar with the probabilities of dealing that winning hand or those lucky numbers. Try out these trivia quizzes on combination to revisit those calculations!

Get ready to grab your graph calculator and test out your knowledge of combination math by answering word problems and calculations. Do you still remember the difference between combination and permutation? Do you know and understand the two types of combination and permutation?

If you feel ready to answer these and other questions, then get ready to put on your thinking cap and have a look and find out what you’ve missed! Get calculating! 
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This quiz will let you know if I can help treat your problem with my combination of massage and chiropractic care.

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    Do you feel that you have muscle “knots” or tension that is always there?

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    This quiz program is better than the others.

Combining functions a linear and a quadratic function.

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    F(x) = x^2 – 4x – 1       &     g(x) = 3xFind: (f +g)(x).

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    The best way to tell if your trailer has tarted to skid is to:


Combination Questions & Answers

What are combinations (in algebra)?
When a person has capacity it means that they can absorb information and are able to make a decision whether you do or do not agree with them. It is within their ability to make a decision that is important and not just a decision that you would agre
How many employees can run at least two of the three machines? A survey of a machine shop reveals the following information about its 100 employees:48 can run a lathe49 can run the milling...
51Section D can run both the lathe and the milling machine, but not the punch press Section H can run both the lathe and the punch press, but not the milling machine Section E can run both the punch press and the milling machine, but not the lathe