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Just why was everybody in Colorado heading for the shade on July 11, 1888? Where would you find the U.S. National Earthquake Information Centre? How many counties are there in Colorado? Which hotel in Colorado was featured in the movie ‘Dumb and Dumber’? What culinary award was won by the town of Boulder in 2010? If you’ve put in a rocky performance answering questions like that, then it might not be as easy as you think about taking our trivia quizzes about Colorado.

But just think how much you’ll learn in our entertaining and informative quizzes about the Centennial State.With its alpine mountains and plains and deserts there’s plenty of variety in Colorado. All of that will be reflected in our quiz about the state so time to show us just how much you know about Colorado.

Test your knowledge of Fort Collins history.

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  • Sample Question
    In 1982, Bob Terrill wrote an article for Poudre Magazine. It was a fictional account about ______. 

Colorado PLACE English practice test

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  • Sample Question
    Read the poem below, "Sowing Season. Evening" by Victor Hugo; then answer the question that follows.It is the moment of twilight.Seated under a portal, I admireThis end of day illuminatingThe last hours of labor.In the fields bathed by night,Deeply moved, I gaze on the ragsOf an old man scattering fistfulsOf future harvest in the furrows.Tall, his dark silhouetteTowers above the deep ploughing.The fruitfulness of fleeing daysForms visibly his belief.He walks along the endless plain,Going, coming, casting seeds afar,Opens his hand once more and begins afresh,And, a hidden witness, I meditateWhile unfolding its veilsThe shadow where sound mixes inSeems to stretch up to the very starsThe august gesture of his sowing.This poem illustrates most clearly whichaspect of Romanticism?

Do you really know everything about Colorado?

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  • Sample Question
    Which of these states borders Colorado?

Think you know Colorado? Have you lived here your whole life? Did you just move here but you wanna prove yourself? Well, simply take this quiz and see how well you know The Centennial State!

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  • Sample Question
    What Colorado road is the longest continuous street in America?

How much do you really know about the Colorado State University athletic program?Test your Ram knowledge right here.Good Luck!

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  • Sample Question
    What was the first name Colorado State University operated under back in 1879?

Colorado Questions & Answers

How many times is the word fight used in the CSU fight song?
Here is the schools fight song: Fight on, you stalwart Ram team, On to the goal. Tear the [opponent]s line asunder As down the field we thunder Knights of the Green and Gold Fight on with all your might Fight, on you stalwart Ram team, Fight,