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One of the latest ways of sharing information easily is via cloud computing - the process where a large number of remote servers are linked to a network enabling a central storage area, The Cloud. You may think you know about cloud computing but did you know that the idea behind it goes back to the 1950s.

You can find out exactly how much you do know by taking one of our cloud computing quizzes. If you think you’re a real computer genius then put your knowledge to the test, and ask your friends to check out their scores too. If you think you know what Application Programming Interface is, then our cloud computing quizzes are for you. Release your inner geek today. 

Take this cloud computer quiz and test your knowledge on this!

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    What is Cloud Computing replacing?

All questions are mandatory. Resort to Internet resources as indicated.

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    Choose the correct answer:

Please take the test to evaluate your skill in Cloud Computing Introduction.

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    What is Cloud Computing replacing?

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    Which of the following statements is correct?                     a. Cloud Computing and Virtualization are the responsibility of the IT department. 30-31                     b. Virtualization is an important enabler for Cloud Computing.

Please take a test to evaluate your skill on Cloud Computing Services.

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    Amazon Web Services is which type of cloud computing distribution model?

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Cloud Computing Questions & Answers

What is the effect of cloud computing on business?
Cloud computing is the biggest technology ever in IT industry which provides cloud base services to the businesses for executing their various functionalities. Be it cost saving, scalability, automatic software update, or any operational task of an o
What is cloud computing?
Cloud computing is one of the newest technological developments to shake up the business world. As more companies migrate their data and applications to the cloud, the business itself changes dramatically. Cloud computing has become ubiquitous. Every
What is Cloud Computing replacing?
The correct answer to this question is D, All of the above. Cloud computing allows computer system resources to be avaliable on demand. This is done without the user having to actively manage the resources. It is estimated that 95% of data centers wo