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We’re confident that our quizzes about The Windy City will really blow you away. We’ve have plenty of research about this great city have tons of questions that are both entertaining and informative.There are so many questions we could ask you, for example can you tell us why Chicago is known as the City of Broad Shoulders?

Just what do wild onions and wild garlic have to do with the derivation of the name Chicago? In which year did the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre take place? What was the original name of the Willis Tower?Everyone enjoys the Taste of Chicago and we’re sure they’ll feel the same about our quizzes on the great city. Oh and don’t worry, we won’t set any gangsters on you if you fail to get a high score.

Chicago is one of the most interesting and art friendly cities in America. Did you know that spray painting was actually invented in the 1940‘s in this city? What else do you about the city? Take up the practice exam...

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City of chicago taxi exam

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    Location of drake hotel?

Considering a move to Chicago? Currently living in Chicago? Take this quiz to find which neighborhood best suits your personality? Your values, hobbies, and even your family configuration all play a part in where you should...

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    An early wake up time means what to you?

City Routing for Chicago

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    Loyola University Lake Shore Campus to DePaul University , Lincoln Park

Chicago taxi exam

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    Children's memorial hospital?

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Chicago Questions & Answers

Who won the Blue Ribbon for Best Gooseberry Pie? Do you think this was right of Grandma? Support your answer with details.
Rupert pennypacker recieved the blue ribbon for the best gooseberry pie but grandma was the one who baked it. she was afraid that her pie would lose against ms.pennypacker so she switched the nametags on the pies. grandma has a right to be afraid but