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Bowling is a leisure sport. You can play for fun or play professionally. It’s not just for retired folks or people who like the shoes. When was the last time you went bowling? Have you ever been? Did you ever wonder how the game came to be and how it’s gotten to be so popular? Take these quizzes and then hit up your favorite bowling lane to demonstrate your profound knowledge of the game. What are the five most common types of pin bowling?

What are the five most popular forms of target bowling? What is the most difficult split to pick up in bowling? How many pins does your ball actually touch in a proper strike? What does AMF stand for? What is sandbagging? Bowling truly is a fascinating game. If you’re not so sure, try answering these trivia questions and find out for yourself.

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    Bowling's place of origin in Europe appears to have been in what is now

There are some people who are so good at bowling such that they rarely loose to other people and if you want to play n the big league the lessons we undertake will get you there. Take up this candid test on bowling from...

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    Where should you aim when attempting to pick up the #10 pin?

Type description here.

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    Bowling shoes that have been in water may cause a bowler to

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Test your knowledge of the history and rules of the fascinating sport of lawn bowling!!!

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    What is the Italian name for lawn bowling?