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  • .... apple a day keeps the doctor away
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  • Mount Everest is in ....... Himalayas
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  • ....... President of the United States was elected last year
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  • What is Iman?
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  • One Who believes is?
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  • There are seven Articles of Faith?
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  • The record for an article in an index or database will have the following information (choose one):

  • You need to find articles about the use of pop-up ads to sell products on the Internet. Which one of the following databases or catalogs would be the most appropriate source to use? (Choose one.)

  • Q.4)  You need to find recent articles on women and body image. You have searched for the topic in a database using the keyword terms "body" and "image". Below is a record that you found. TITLE: Body image, teasing, and mood alterations: An experimental study to exposure of negative verbal commentary AUTHOR: Furman, Kenneth SUBJECT: Self image TERMS: Personal appearanceEating disordersCollege studentsFemalesPsychology You want to find more articles on this topic, so you decide to search using one of the subject terms. Which of the following searches will focus your search best? (Choose one.)

  • We spent Christmas at........... farm.
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  • I had............hour to wait for the doctor to arrive
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  • In London we lived in..........hotel that was very expensive.
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