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What is the difference between a flowchart and pseudocode?
There are some people who are usually confused with the differences between a flowchart and pseudocode but the more that they understand the differences between the two, they will have no trouble differentiating and learning the differences anymore.
What are the correct intermediate steps of the following data set when it is being sorted with the bubble sort? 15,20,10,18
The proper intermediate steps here would be 15,10,20,18 to 15,10,18,20 to 10,15,18,20, or answer A. Bubble sorting involves switching elements around if they are in the wrong order. It starts at the top and works its way down. So, for this particula
What is the difference between Pseudocode and Algorithm?
The algorithm usually refers to a certain type of specification on how a certain problem can be solved. The pseudocode is known to be the method that is used in order to write the algorithm which will be used to solve the problem. There are some prog
What should be put into the space "a"? Figure 2 is the array representation of a binary tree shown in Figure 1.
The correct answer to this question is 4. Binary trees are used in computer science. As the name suggests, it is a tree structure which contains data information. Its tree has root and nodes, which are commonly referred to as children. There are left