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Adelinas Whales Questions and Answers

  • bluff 
    Adelinas whales question from

  • rumbling   
    Adelinas whales question from

  • massive 
    Adelinas whales question from

  • Which of these BEST describes what early whales could do before their bodies adapted to living in the water?
    Adelinas whales question from

  • Which of these BEST describes what happened after whales had lived in water for millions of years?
    Adelinas whales question from

  • Which event BEST completes the sequence chart? 1. Whale hunting started. 2. Whale oil and parts were used to make many products. 3. 4. People tried to save whales.
    Adelinas whales question from

  • What does the word massive mean in the sentence? The whales described in the story push their massive heads out of the water.
    Adelinas whales question from

  • What does the word unique mean in the sentence? A tiny fishing boat had a unique meeting with a wild fifty-foot whale.
    Adelinas whales question from

  • What does the word dove mean in the sentence? A whale dove below the surface of the water and popped up on the other side of Adelina’s boat.
    Adelinas whales question from

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