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Have you read the book Animal Farm? Do you know the symbolism hidden throughout George Orwell’s famous book? If you think you remember this well-known communism satire from front to back then get ready to take our quizzes now! Take a trip down memory lane to Manor Farm and test your knowledge on Old Major, Snowball, Mr. Jones, Boxer and all the other characters from the book.

Can you answer questions such as, “What famous historical man does the pig, Napoleon, represent?”, “Who does the character Mr. Jones allude to in the Russian Revolution?” and, “In the novel why is Snowball chased away?” Get ready to see how much of Animal farm you really know by taking our Animal Farm quizzes!
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Animal Farm by George Orwell is a pretty dark book that has some symbolism to the real world. Here we got to see how the pigs rose in the leadership ladder just to discriminate against the animals who gave them the power. Have...

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    Everything seems to go downhill with the expulsion of the farm of...

The Animal Farm is a book that speaks a lot of how most governments are today. In this book we see the pigs rise in power and walk all over the animals that gave them that power. Have you had the time to read this book? Who would...

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    Someone says to you, "It's a nice day, isn't it?"  You respond with...

Animal Farm is an allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England on 17 August 1945. According to Orwell, the book reflects events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and then on into the Stalinist...

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    Who ran away from Animal Farm?

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    This Pig was a very eloquent speaker.  He was able to "make black into white".

The lifestyle on Animal Farm has gone from abundant to satisfactory to dreadful in a short amount of time. Many of the animals worry that the time spent building the windmill has interfered with preparing for the winter....

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    Now it is.........

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Animal Farm Questions & Answers

Who remained unchanged after the Rebellion in the novel "The Animal Farm"?
The correct answer to this question is D, Benjamin. He is a donkey from the novel Animal Farm, written by George Orwell. OuT of all the animals, Benjamin is the oldest. Compared to the other animals, he is not as direct. He is also one of the most
What destroyed the windmill in animal Farm and why does Napoleon blame Snowball?
In Chapter 6 of the book Animal Farm, when the animals are up, they discovered that the windmill was destroyed. Napoleon, being the leader of the pack, blames his co-leader Snowball. He thought that Snowball betrayed them in their revolution against
What were the flaws in the windmill that fell after a storm?
They didn't use enough cement because the windmill has to have cement.
What was the battle between animals and Mr. Jones and his helpers called? 
1. The battle of the cowshed2. The Battle of the Cowshed3. Cowshed
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