Ur Type Of Guy

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| By Vanessa-sexy3
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Ur Type Of Guy - Quiz

this will only work if your honest so have fun and go with the flow!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

     Do you love to party all night long?

    • A.


    • B.

      Not so muc, but i do go to some to have a few laughs with my friends

  • 2. 

    Do you hang around boys to flirt, or have some fun and chillax?

    • A.

      I love to chill and just hang around with the guys, there so retarded!

    • B.

      Lets see if this will give you a clue..HOTTY is my name, and FLIRTING is my game!

  • 3. 

    Would you kiss on the first date or just have some laughs and dring soda?

    • A.

      MUAAAA! lay"em on me!!

    • B.

      I wouldnt kiss on the first date it feels weird.

  • 4. 

    What would you were on a first date with the guy?

    • A.

      My jeans, high tops and a gray button shirt

    • B.

      A short, red dress, high heels and my hoop earings

  • 5. 

    What what would your friends describe you as?

    • A.

      They say I give my self away, but only to the hot guys!

    • B.

      They say im nice,funny,and sweet

  • 6. 

    Would you ever french kiss a guy, before telling him about you at all?

    • A.

      EWWW! never thats sick!

    • B.


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