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Most of us – hopefully! – know you’re not supposed to shake a baby that’s crying. But there’s a lot more that needs to be done to keep a baby alive and happy than that! Our species has survived for millions of years somehow, despite the complicated nature of keeping our offspring up and running.

Whether you’re an expecting parent or prospective babysitter, an older sibling or just a grandparent who needs to brush up on baby-minding skills, you might want to take our quiz to find out more about how to burp a baby, how often they need to be fed, how long they’ll sleep at night, and how soon they can eat solid foods. The babies in your life are sure to thank you for it – once they learn their first words, that is!

Most ladies dream of having a baby and a happy family. Most of them like to plan how the events follow each other. The quiz below is designed to help see at what age you are most likely to get your first child. Take this...

Questions: 8  |  Attempts: 55319   |  Last updated: Mar 11, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Do you want to have a baby?

If you are in your first trimester it is a good time to figure out your baby's gender. At the end of this quiz you will get a gender and a baby name example!!!!

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  • Sample Question
    Do you have a baby bump yet?

Figure out if you are a good babysitter by taking this fun quiz. If you are looking for a babysitter - this quiz can help you to know what to look out for in a potential babysitter.

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  • Sample Question
    Do you like being around children?

Find out what your baby's name will be! After the quiz,  you will be given a boys name and a girls name!

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    Your at home and its a Saturday night. With nothing else to do, you...

Do you have the desire to start your own family? Have you ever wondered what your baby will look like when the time comes? Take this quiz to find out what your dream baby will look like.

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  • Sample Question
    What gender do you want your baby to be?

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Baby Questions & Answers

Why did the research with the "visual cliff" suggest that some depth perception is inborn? Also, why do 2 month old babies show no fear when placed on the edge of the cliff but 6 month old babies...
The correct answer would be “babies in all species learn depth perception through experience”. If the correct answer were that “human and animal babies hesitate and show fear at the edge of the cliff”, the two month old babies
How long does it take a baby to recognize its fathers babies recognize its mothers voice at birth?
Fourteen days maaybe? Two weeks? says i have two have at least twen words so there
Which intervetion is not a treatment for RDS?
You do want to check there glucos level. You do not want the rds to go into cold stress due to the hypoxia and decreased glucose level.