Pathology Basic Test: Quiz!

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Pathology Basic Test: Quiz! - Quiz


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    An example of autophagic vacuoles that resist digestion and persist as membrane-bound residual bodies.

    Lipofuscin granules are an example of autophagic vacuoles that resist digestion and persist as membrane-bound residual bodies. Lipofuscin is a yellow-brown pigment that accumulates in cells as a result of the incomplete degradation of lipids and proteins. These granules are commonly found in aging cells and are considered to be a hallmark of cellular aging. They are resistant to degradation by lysosomal enzymes and can persist in the cell for long periods of time. Therefore, lipofuscin granules fit the description of autophagic vacuoles that resist digestion and persist as membrane-bound residual bodies.

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    The patient is presented with intramuscular hemorrhage and exhibits connective tissue metaplasia where the bone is found on muscle. This is known as...

    The patient is experiencing intramuscular hemorrhage, which is causing the formation of bone in the muscle tissue. This condition is known as myositis ossificans.

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    Patients are presented with acid reflux, though metaplasia occurs here (Barretts' Esophagus), what is the most common form of metaplasia seen in the respiratory tract in response to chronic irritation usually seen in smokers?

    Think C before S... Barrett's is squamous to columnar.

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    The patient presents with tissue seen to have undergone metaplasia. All other tests are unremarkable. What Vitamin are they most likely to be deficient in?

    Retinoic acid (vit A) regulates gene transcription directly through nuclear retinoid receptors causing differentiation of progenitor stem cells

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    Of the two hallmarks of reversible cell injury, one is ATP depletion. What is the other one?

    swelling is due to changes in ion conc and water influx.... duh!

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    Hypoxia can occur via carbon monoxide poisoning. When CO- has a 200x more affinity for Hb than O2. The Hb bound to CO- is now called ... 

    Think carbon MONOXide will get MONOXyhemoglobin.

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