Human Development Quizzes

Sample Questions

  • By age 7 month all infants should be able to sit with help.

  • At what age should a child use several hundreds of words in their home language?

  • Although Pamela Anderson has been married a few times, she only has two children. Which of her former partners was the father of her sons?

  • Which new hunk-of-a-dad told reporters he and his girlfriend “got tribal” on the rhythm of her contractions during the birth of their baby?

  • We all know angelina jolie and brad pitt are raising a lot of children. most of US also know their kids have some pretty unUSual names. can you choose the name below which does not belong to one o...

  • When children start to physically grow in early childhood, their:

  • Between ages 2 and 6, the increases from 70 percent of its adult weight to ____ percent.

  • During physical development in early childhood, on average, children add ___________ inches in height and about _____pounds in weight each year.

  • Should you or the parent be concerned if by age 2 months the infant can not hold his head steady?

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