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Over 100,000 quizzes created. Over 4 million quiz takers

ProProfs has been a great tool to Create online training for hundreds of employees in US & Canada. ProProfs has allowed us to provide over 3,000 sessions, anytime & anywhere.
Troy Marble,Safety Manager Kiewit Pacific Co.
Troy Marble
Ideal for the classroom
ProProfs is an effective, highly functional, user friendly and convenient way to conduct almost every assessment you can imagine. I highly recommend it as a tool for quizzes and tests. I found it ideal for the classroom, in both on-ground and online learning environments.

Nance Rosen, UCLA (University of California, LA)
Nance Rosen
Troy Marble,
Safety Manager at Kiewit Pacific
Nance Rosen,
UCLA (University of California, LA)

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  • Make tests, exams & quizzes
  • Over 6 types of quiz questions
  • Add videos, images & media
  • Brand with your logo/colors
  • Security options

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Analyze Results

  • Quiz Stats & Reports
  • Instant grading
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ProProfs is perfect for:

Corporate Tests

Corporate Tests

Create training, online testing, assessments & e-learning. Get administrative controls & report.


Create test & exams. Distribute securely with automatic grading & reporting.
Fun Quizzes

Personality Quizzes

Create fun personality quizzes and share with your friends using Email, Twitter or Facebook.

ProProfs is a free online quiz tool, with powerful customizable features, to create tests, quizzes and assessments for students or employees. Advanced options like free quiz templates, data security, automated grading and full integration with our LMS software makes it ideal for corporations, educational institutions or even users looking to create quizzes just for fun. You can not only make your own completely safe online quizzes with ProProfs test creator software but also create a survey or create a poll to gather feedback from learners. What’s more; get detailed reports and statistics for your quizzes to analyze and understand the performance of your learners. Our test maker software is perfect for creating and delivering online tests and exams anytime, anywhere!

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World's leading way to create online tests & exams

Free and SIMPLE
For all skill levels. No HTML experience or software download required.
Anywhere, Anytime Learning
Create quizzes that work everywhere - across tablets, smartphones operating systems.
Automate Grading
Save time with automatic grading, custom results, reports and feedback.
Customize for Your Brand
Host quiz on ProProfs or change the logo and colors to embed on your website.
Security Controls
Keep your online quizzes secure and confidential with password setting, privacy control more.
Custom Certificates
Customize design text of custom certificates and when they are issued.
Superb Analytics!
Get detailed report for each attempt overall statistics across all attempts.
Prevent Cheating
Add time limit, randomize question order, shuffle answers more to prevent cheating.
Quiz Templates
Save time with our million+ question bank on all topics 300,000+ quiz templates.

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