DNA Quizzes & Trivia

Dna Quizzes & Trivia
You think your flash drive is impressive? Think again. This little guy stores all of your genetic information, everything that makes you yourself. Your eyes, your hair color, your lips, your ears, your hands, everything is one way or another coded inside it. And it is so small you can’t even see it. Talk about storage capacity, right? DNA makes the headlines of our most recent trivia with all of the interesting facts it presents.

Try out a few of our sample questions before you go for the full trivia. What does DNA actually stand for? The three essential macromolecules for all forms of life are DNA, proteins and? What are the names of the two scientists that discovered DNA? Get all the facts right and show us you know DNA.


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DNA Questions and Answers

  • What is pictured above in the DNA replication process?
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  • What shape is the DNA molecule?

  • Which of the following is not a type of RNA?

  • DNA and rna are different because:

  • Using the following DNA sequence, what would be the corresponding DNA strand?attgcgaccgag

  • The base pair guanine joins to...

  • What enzyme, pictured above, breaks apart the hydrogen bonds between two strands of DNA?
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  • What are the four nitrogen bases for DNA?
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  • The two strands of the DNA molecule are made of what type of subunit?