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Genetics Quizzes & Trivia
You have blue eyes, your dad has green and your mom has brown. What now? How did that happen? Were you adopted? Are you an alien? Of course not! It's genetics! What exactly is genetics? Do you know? You do? Excellent! Tell me, what the chance of having blue eyes is? And how often do albinos appear?

What is a genetic trait, and what's just a personality quirk? You know the answers to these questions? What about "Is liking chocolate something genetic?", "What types of blood groups will two people's children have?" and "Where does my curly hair come from?". With questions like these, you'll be forced to take a walk to the genetics in your past and ask your family for the answers to these questions!

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Genetics Questions and Answers

  • Find the answer that best fits: Asexual organisms:
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  • Which of these can you change?
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  • What is heredity?
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  • What are genes?
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  • What is the study of heredity?
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  • In sexual reproduction, organism have either:
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  • Which of these is an inherited trait?
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  • A woman is an excellent cook. Why are her children likely to become good cooks?
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  • Homozygous traits are revealed in genotypes that are:
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