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This quiz will show me ifyou know the winx or not! This is not the for kids version though just saying! So Goodluck and no mean comments k? ok?  If you do your reserch the Bonus questions will be NO PROBLEM! The bonus...

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Ever wondered how much you are a fan of the Winx club? Take this quiz and you will know. Winx Club is an animated series that takes you to the magical world of mythical characters like fairies, witches, etc. If you are...

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Ermmmm  i dontr know what to write here??????????????

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This quiz gives you questions that are close to a winx character.Whatever answers you choose reflect on the character you are.Please answer this quiz honestly.

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May be you know everything or maybe not. winx club characters ? i know most stuff but do you? what do you think you know about winx club? take this quiz to find out birthdays, bad quys, homes ect. lets find...

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Winx club takes us on the journey of a group of girls who show us that good always wins against evil. The winx have special powers which help them to act as protectors from evil. Bloom is widely regarded as the most powerful and...

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The Pixies are magical creatures that are bonded to many fairies in the Winx Club. Would you like to know what pixie you'd have! Take the online quiz and find out

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The Trix from Winx Club is a trio of three witches namely, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. The Trix has been the source of a lot of fighting and they usually threaten the peace that exists in the ocean. Take the quiz and find...

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Are you a fan of the Winx Club? Take our online quiz and find out which winx cub member you are, where you can anyone from Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla.

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Winx club is about five fairy friends that band together to fight the evil that threatens the Alfea. In the show, we follow Bloom as she blossoms into a powerful fairy. Do you consider yourself a big fan of the show? If you said...

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This quiz will show you if you are a true winx club fan.Have Fun !!!

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Try this quiz and find out how well do you know winx club! :)

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Hello friends. This Quiz is for all the Winx club lovers. Take this quiz and find out which winx fairy are you most like. BLOOM, STELLA, FLORA, TECHNA, MUSA, AISHA or ROXY ? HAVE fun n i hope you enjoy.

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Tells you which specialist you are.Helps you know yourself a lot more.

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Find out which winx club girl you are!

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What do you know about Winx Club

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Season four begins with the girls going up to earth to protect one of their fairies. This leads to a lot of adventures and their powers evolving to believe which was amazing. What else can you remember from this epic season?...

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Tke this quiz.It is awesome.I promise PEASE OUT!!!!!!!

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This quiz is about winx club! You just have to answer some questions and we will found out if you are reall fan of it! :) Good Luck!    

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Ok here is a quiz, letz se if you heve the know how of the winx!

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You want to know which winx club fairy are you? Take this quiz and find out now!

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Find out if your like Bloom, Stella, Aisha,Tecna, Musa, or Flora.

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How well do you know  Winx Club Season 4? Find out with this quiz

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It''s time to find out which winxclub fairy you are most like?

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Want To Know Which Winx Club Girl Your Most Like? Take This Quiz And Find Out! (:

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