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This is a quiz on the book Game by Walter Dean Myers

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    Whats the main characters name?

Some more hoops

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    What is the main characters name?

Walter Dean Myers was an American writer of children’s books and young adult literature, famous for such releases as Fallen Angels. He died in 2014, but his work is still admired today. What do you know about the man?

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     When was Walter Dean Myers born? and where?

The following quiz will asses reading comprehension (Biography of Walter Dean Myers) and your comprehension of Chapter one. Type your full name below. Only your First and Last name will be accepted. No nicknames. YOU CAN ONLY...

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    For questions 1 - 3, use the following exceprt from Walter Dean Myers, the author of Lockdown: I was born on a Thursday, the 12th of August, 1937, in Martinsburg, West Virginia. My name at birth was Walter Milton Myers. For some strange reason I was given to a man named Herbert Dean who lived in Harlem. I consider it strange because I don't know why I was given away. I was raised in Harlem by Herbert and his wife, Florence. Herbert was African American. Florence was German and Native American and wonderful and loved me very much. As a child my life centered around the neighborhood and the church. The neighborhood protected me and the church guided me. I resisted as much as I could. I was smart (all kids are smart) but didn't do that well in school. I dropped out of high school (although now Stuyvesant High claims me as a graduate) and joined the army on my 17th birthday. Basketball has always been a passion of mine. Sometimes at night I lie in bed thinking about games I've played. Sometimes I think about what would have happened if I had gone into the NBA (I was never good enough) or college ball. Anyway.... I wrote well in high school and a teacher (bless her!) recognized this and also knew I was going to drop out. She advised me to keep on writing no matter what happened to me. "It's what you do," she said. I didn't know exactly what that meant but, years later, working on a construction job in New York, I remembered her words. I began writing at night and eventually began writing about the most difficult period of my own life, the teen years. That's what I do. QUESTION 1: Why did Walter Dean Myers change his middle name from "Milton" to "Dean"?