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If your interests are murder, mayhem, mysteries, crafty criminals and sly sleuths, then these quizzes about author Agatha Christie are for you. Christie made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s best-selling author.Do you know the names of her two most popular characters? Hint - one was a man and one was a woman. What was Agatha Christie’s favorite color? Her favorite flower?

How many times was the Madam of Mystery married? How many kids did she have? Are you up to the challenge of taking these quizzes? Agatha created a number of romance novels under a pen name. She also attempted to keep it a secret. Do you know the name she used? Solve the mysteries of Agatha Christie’s life. Some answers are obvious other require detective work.

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  • What would you do if someone choked and died in front of you?

  • Someone died in their sleep. How would you react?

  • If you were one of the guests on the island, how would you react to the poem about the 10 little soldier boys?

  • Agatha Christie, whom Joan Acocella writes about in The New Yorker this week, is
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  • Which of the following is the pseudonym that Christie has used?
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  • Which actor has not played Christie’s foppish lead detective Hercule Poirot, who, as Acocella describes, “wears pointy patent-leather shoes ill-suited to walking the grounds of the country houses where he must often do his sleuthing” and “deplores the English preference for fresh air, thin women, and tea”?
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  • Which of these best describes Linnet Doyle?
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  • Who is the first man who asked Linnet to marry him?
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  • Who are the two friends of Linnet Doyle?
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