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  • How many consonant sounds are there in the English language?
    How many consonant sounds are there in the English language?
    I thought it was 21?where does it say 40?

  • What is a phonogram?
    What is a phonogram?
    In word recognition, a graphic sequence comprised as a vowel grapheme and an ending consonant grapheme.

  • What is a bound morpheme?
    What is a bound morpheme?
    A morpheme that cannot stand alone but is used to form a family of words with related meanings. A bound root has meaning only in combination with a prefix and/or a suffix.

  • Of the following functions, which is not associated with the tissue shown?
    Of the following functions, which is not associated with the tissue shown?
    1. synthesis and secretion of pepsinogen -this light micrograph shows the duodenum, the first portion of the large intestine. the duodenum can be identified by the prominant submucosal glands, called the brunners glands. the jejunum and ileum do not have submucosal glands. pepsinogen is synthesized and secreted by the glands of the stomach and not by the small intestine. hence, this is an incorrect statement about the duodenum goblet cells in the epithelium covering the mucosa of the duodenum secrete mucus. enteroendocrine cells in the epithelium of the mucosa secrete hormones

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