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Under The Dome Questions and Answers

  • If your town was suddenly trapped under a dome, what would you do?
    Under the dome question from

  • What would you miss the most if you became a Domer?
    Under the dome question from

  • What would you think casused the Dome to come down?
    Under the dome question from

  • You are carrying on with your usual, everyday life in Chester's Mill, when a Dome suddenly comes down, cutting you off from the rest of the world. What do you do first?
    Under the dome question from

  • You realize that the Dome is cutting off power for most people, unless they have a generator. Your going to need heat and electricity. What do you do?
    Under the dome question from

  • You have a cut on your head, and go to the clinic, only to find that it is packed with injured people, some with missing limbs and serious wounds. What do you do?
    Under the dome question from

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