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  • Who chooses the members of the Metrolinx Board?

  • Who sits on the Metrolinx Board?

  • Who can sit on the Metrolinx Board?

  • Who coached the Toronto Maple Leafs to their last four Stanley Cup Championships?

  • Since the inception of the National Hockey League Entry Draft in 1963, the Toronto Maple Leafs have had the first overall pick only once. Who is the player the Leafs chose with their only first overall selection

  • Which Leaf defencemen led the National Hockey League in penalty minutes in an incredible eight years in succession?

  • What is the proper name of the freeway running through central Toronto, often called Highway 401?
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  • What does DVP stand for in Toronto?
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  • Name the two streets/avenues that intersect, to form the busiest and most major intersection in Toronto, located in the downtown core, excluding an intersection of freeways, expressways, or highways.
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  • To set the ball rolling, in which year was Toronto FC  formed?
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  • BMO Field is the home ground of Toronto FC. (I hope you knew that!) So what is the capacity of the stadium?
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  • One of the star players in Toronto FC shares his last name with one of the students at Humber College, Marketing Management - Post Graduate, January 2012 intake. (Ghosh, the name is longer than the program itself!) So which one of your classmate is it?
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