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  • What is the difference between Tiger and Panther?
    What is the difference between Tiger and Panther?
    Tigers and Panthers are both animals, but they have some differences. Both are actually in the cat family. The tiger and panther look different. The Tigers are orange, brown and white. They are striped. Panthers, on the other hand, have black or brown fur all over their body. They are usually just one color on their body, unlike tigers that have a few colors on their shape. As for size, the tiger is bigger than the panther. Their weight is also different because tigers weigh more since they are bigger anyway. Tigers usually crawl on the ground whereas panthers are more than likely climb a tree with its claws — panther's mate at a much younger age than tigers. Panthers look for food at night, and tigers look for food during the day.

  • What animal resemlbes a tiger?
    What animal resemlbes a tiger?
    There are approximately 33 domesticated breeds of cats and over 500 million cats in homes across the world. The standard house cat descended from large predatorial cats such as the lion, tiger, lynx or the bobcat. It is believed that the domestication of cats started over 9,500 years ago. The ancient egyptians were some of the first people with evidence of having cats as pets. Cats are considered carnivores, eating small rodents such as mice and rats, and other smaller creatures such as fish. Night vision is a sense that cats have to be able to help them hunt at night, which they have received genetically from their ancestors.

  • What is the classification of a tiger?
    What is the classification of a tiger?
    The tiger is a mammal. Tigers are beautiful to look at - with orange bodies and black stripes. Their bellies are typically a lighter color, but still striped. The tiger is a majestic creature often left to roam on their own where humans do not live. They don’t interact with humans unless they are in dire need of food in these areas. The tigers are often left to do as they please in the wild. They are native to India and Eastern Asia. However, tigers are also indigenous to a lot of the areas in these countries that are heavily populated. In these areas, tigers and humans still clash plenty in the various places where they are able to clash. Not to mention that tiger pelts are often seen as a symbol of luxury in many of these areas.

  • Which other big cat is bred with a tiger to make the tigon?
    Which other big cat is bred with a tiger to make the tigon?
    A Tigon is created when a male tiger breeds with a female lion. The tigon's genome includes genetic components of both parents, thus they can exhibit visible characteristics from both parents: they can have both spots from the mother (lions carry genes for spots—lion cubs are spotted and some adults retain faint markings) and stripes from the father. Any mane that a male tigon may have will appear shorter and less noticeable than a lion's mane and is closer in type to the ruff of a male tiger. It is a common misconception that tigons are smaller than lions or tigers.

  • Why are tigers striped?
    Why are tigers striped?
    Tiger’s stripes aid camouflage, and makes it easier for them to hunt. Science recognizes a few different types of tiger. Two have become extinct. Though all tigers have striped coats, the different types may have distinct patterns. In fact, individual tigers have distinct stripe patterns. The distinct types include: Bengal tiger, the most common; the Siberian tiger, which has paler colors than others; Indochinese tiger smaller and generally darker in color; Malayan tiger, only on that peninsula; Sumatran tiger, only on that island; South China tiger, more seriously endangered than other subspecies. Tigers have the size, strength and cunning to be at the top of the food chain.

  • Tigger" from Winnie the Pooh is a Tiger. Is this statement true or false?
    Tigger" from Winnie the Pooh is a Tiger. Is this statement true or false?

  • Wild tigers do not live in Africa, instead, they are spread out across (blank).
    Wild tigers do not live in Africa, instead, they are spread out across (blank).
    Asia asiaThey are thought to have originated from Southern China.

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