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Are you fond of the Panthera tigris? The tiger was voted the world’s favorite animal in a poll, with 21% of the votes. What do you think your percentage might be when it comes to tiger knowledge? Check it out, by choosing one of our tiger’s quizzes. Challenge yourself and get to better know these impressive cats.

Do you know how many tigers are left in the wild? Or what is the weight of a Siberian tiger? Do you think you can you find Bengal tigers in Africa? Can you guess how many stripes an average tiger has? And how does a tiger relates to religion, constellations and zodiac? Are you a Tiger Woods of quizzes? See how tiger smart you are!
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Interesting questions & answers about Tigers!

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    True or false? The South Chinese tiger has the fewest amount of stripes.

Tigers are magical creatures and have transcended the public consciousness. This has led to them being used as names, mascots, or characters; but how much do you really know about these majestic beasts?

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    Many would describe Tiger Woods as a beast at his chosen sport, but what is it?

This is thesting your nolage about tigers.will do do well good look.

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    Will tigers dive in to lakes after pray?

When someone who is not into nature hears of an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail they might think of tigers. This assumption is actually wrong because they are actually butterflies that are commonly seen during spring to fall. One fun...

Questions: 5  |  Attempts: 64   |  Last updated: Feb 1, 2019
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    Where are Eastern Tiger Swallowtails common?

Quiz is about facts and information about the tiger whiptail. it is ffor a science project im doing.

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    What is the tiger whiptail's scientific name?

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Tiger Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Tiger and Panther?
Tigers and Panthers are both animals, but they have some differences. Both are actually in the cat family. The tiger and panther look different. The Tigers are orange, brown and white. They are striped. Panthers, on the other hand, have black or brow
What animal resemlbes a tiger?
There are approximately 33 domesticated breeds of cats and over 500 million cats in homes across the world. The standard house cat descended from large predatorial cats such as the lion, tiger, lynx or the bobcat. It is believed that the domesticatio
How many Tigers are left in the world?
As of 2017, there are 3,890 tigers left in the world. However, this still leaves them vulnerable to extinction. These animals are often hunted for their meat, their fur, and to simply say that one has killed a tiger. While it is not one of the &ldquo
Which other big cat is bred with a tiger to make the tigon?
A Tigon is created when a male tiger breeds with a female lion. The tigon's genome includes genetic components of both parents, thus they can exhibit visible characteristics from both parents: they can have both spots from the mother (lions carry gen
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