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The Sopranos was a smash hit for HBO, attracting a huge audience. Fans loved Tony Soprano and his family, even when they were at their worst. The show debuted in 1999. Are you a Sopranos fan? Did you know that the show ran for 6 seasons and has 86 episodes? It won 5 Golden Globe awards, but even more Emmys. Do you know how many it won?
Did you also know that TV Guide Magazine called it the best television series of all time? Were you aware that though the story was set in New Jersey, most scenes were filmed in New York? If you think you’re a fan, try out some of our quizzes and see if you are a true expert. 

This quiz is designed to determine (by simple personality traits and preferences) what soprano voice is most akin to your personality. A basic understanding of singing is recommended. 

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  • Sample Question
    What is your ideal role?

If you're a fan of The Sopranos, you will definitely enjoy this quiz, especially since it's about the main man himself, Tony Soprano! Hope you enjoy!

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    Which of the following people did NOT know Tony when he was in high school?

The Sopranos Questions & Answers

Which of the following men did Tony NOT murder?
Ray CurtoIn the shows run, Tony also murdered Tony Blundetto, Willie Overall, Matthew Bevilaqua, Big Pussy Bonpensiero, and Christopher Moltisanti. Ray Curto was an FBI informant, but Tony and the crew never found out as Ray passed away from a stroke
At one point in the show, Tony causes Phil Leotardo to crash into the back of a truck after a car chase.
TrueTony is trying to collect a debt that Phil owes him, and as Phil tries to avoid Tony, Tony chases him down and causes him to wreck, injuring Phil. This is of course before Phil becomes Boss of the Lupertazzi family.