The Great Depression Quizzes & Trivia

The great depression is one of the most significant and impactful events in the history of the United States of America, and after the Wall Street crash the world would never be the same again. If you want the seminal book about the event then you need The Great Depression: America, 1929-1941 by Robert S. McElvaine. It's an immense and fact filled work that's also a fantastic read. It's a book that everyone should read at least once, so if you're an expert on the book or the times, try our The Great Depression quizzes.

What was the name of McElvaine's first book about the great depression? In which year was the book first released? Whose New Deal is re-evaluated by the book? Put your knowledge to the test, and see if you have all the answers.

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    Hoover's response to the economic troubles of the 1930s was to __________.

This is a 10-question quiz on the book  America's Great Depression by Murray Rothbard. America's Great Depression began in 1929  due to economic depression which gave rise to unemployment, poverty, low income...

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    What word does Paul Johnson use to describe the relationship between the Hoover and Roosevelt administrations' responses to the economic crisis of the 1930s? 

A quiz study guide for the up coming test on the 1920's and 30's.

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    Starting in the twenties, people started to drive

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    The Great Depression started in which year?

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    The decline in price of cash crops hurt North Carolina farmers during the Great Depression. In 1919, tobacco sold for 86 cents per pound but dropped to what price by 1931?

The Great Depression Questions & Answers

Who was the President of the U.S during the great depression?
Herbert Hoover because in 1929 the U.S. economiy plummeted into great depression
What was Hoover's response to the economic troubles of the 1930s?
Encourage businesses and private citizens to work toward meeting the nations needs
What was the purpose of theSocial Security Act?
To provide economic relief to the elderly, the orphaned, and individuals injured in industrial accidents
What did the AgriculturalAdjustment Administration propose it would do to raise farm prices?
Pay farmers subsidies to reduce crop production and livestock