Top The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Quizzes & Trivia

 Shortlisted for British Book Award, the Border’s New Voices Award; the Ottaker’s Children’s Book Prize, the Paolo Ungari Literary Award (Italy) , Irish Book Award Irish Novel of the Year Award; the Leeds Book Award; the North-East Book Award; the Berkshire Book Award; the Sheffield Book Award; the Lancashire Book Award; Prix Farniente (Belgium); Independent Booksellers Book of the Year; Deutschen Jugend Literatur Preis (Germany), “The Boy In The Stripped Pajamas” is a story about the beauty of a child’s innocence in a time of war, a fictional tale of the unlikeliest of friendships: the son of a Nazi commandant and a Jewish concentration camp inmate.

If you want to answer to “What happens to Bruno at the end of the movie?”, and “Who says ‘They’re not really people’?”, take these quizzes and find out more about this incredible book!

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