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The United Republic of get warmed Tanzania lies over the cradle of mankind, Olduvai Gorge. What is that all about? Well, before we get to it, let’s see how much you know about Tanzania: what is the main food that Tanzanians eat? What are the official languages used in Tanzania? What is the name of the country's capital? Who was the country's first prime-minister?

What is the famous tribe of Tanzania? Tanzania used to be a colony of which country? In Tanzania which animal are you most likely to see? Which ocean is to the east of Tanzania? When was multiparty system allowed in Tanzania? What was the country's name before the 1964 union with Zanzibar? Now keep on going, because the really interesting facts lie straight ahead!

Tanzania formerly known as Tanganyika is a country in East Africa on the vast continent of Africa. If you want to figure out how much you know about it then take the quiz below and find out.

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    In which area do you find Tanzania?

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  • In which area do you find Tanzania?
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  • What are the 2 offical languages spoken in Tanzania?
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  • Mount Kilimanjaro is which of these?
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