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Strategy A History Questions and Answers

  • What famous science fiction author wrote the Foreword?
    Strategy a history question from

  • Who are the two military strategists mentioned in the subtitle?
    Strategy a history question from

  • To whose work does the author of the Foreword believe van Creveld's work to be a necessary supplement?
    Strategy a history question from

  • On what is The Prince a treatise?
    Strategy a history question from

  • What was the common opinion that Machiavelli disproved in theory and in practice?
    Strategy a history question from

  • Which military element did Machiavelli underestimate?
    Strategy a history question from

  • Which two writers of classical antiquity does van Creveld describe as being too inclined towards the legendary, the supernatural, and the moralistic for modern scientific tastes?
    Strategy a history question from

  • What is absolutely vital in military science, as demonstrated by Aeneas the Tactitian in the fourth century BC?
    Strategy a history question from

  • What is the main subject of Asclepiodotus's Outline of Tactics?
    Strategy a history question from

  • Who was the most important military writer in the years leading up to the French Revolution?
    Strategy a history question from

  • Why were Guibert's conceptual innovations so significant?
    Strategy a history question from

  • What geometric concept best illustrates von Bülow's new way of looking at war?
    Strategy a history question from

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