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  • What is the dark side of living in Sri Lanka?
    What is the dark side of living in Sri Lanka?
    Ah, the gentle Buddhists and immaculate beaches are what sells tourism in Sri Lanka, but what about the Hindu population further South and the Tamil Tigers? Sri Lanka came out of a brutal 33-year war. The president Mahinda Rajapaksa and his extended family, controlled around 94 government departments and approximately 70% of the country’s finances and the country only escaped his rule in 2015. That's very recent and the scars are still evident. Laws are made to prevent, as far as possible, outsiders travelling away from the typical holiday areas. In fact, locals don't travel much. It's usual to stay in or around your village or town, and this is true of Colombians. There are regions where atrocities are carried out far from the sight of the Human Rights believers. Now it seems that ISIS members hang out there. The dreadful massacre of church goers recently was no single crazy act. Warnings to tourists abound.

  • What culture do Sri Lankans follow?
    What culture do Sri Lankans follow?
    The Sri Lankans follow the Theravada Buddhism way of life for the most part but the culture is also of a modern mix. The traditional aspects, however, are rooted in Buddhism. The culture first originated in India and then was brought over to Sri Lanka where it has been embraced. Inisthe southern and central areas it is very strong. There is some diversity there, in the buildings and so forth but the main influence is Buddhist. You will also note Hindu temples and mosques along with Christian churches.

  • Is Sri Lanka expensive?
    Is Sri Lanka expensive?
    Sri Lanka is expensive in some ways you might not expect. It appears to be inexpensive in some realms but it's the unexpected things that will get you like the extra charges incurred. You might rent a room really cheap but if you want access to the facilities, you'll have to pay more for them. The same is true when renting. You might rent a room or a whole house cheap but then incur unexpected charges for using things you'd think would be included. Taxis may be cheap but tips are expected to be high enough to compensate the drivers for the cheap rates. It's the unexpected things in the country that will surprise your pocketbook and not in a good way. Expect the unexpected and you'll be fine.

  • Is Sri Lanka a developing country?
    Is Sri Lanka a developing country?
    Sri Lanka is indeed a developing country. The confusion is, though, that it is said to have been developing for 70 years or more, ever since it won its independence. Just how long does it take a country to develop? That's the real question. Development of a country is generally 20 years or less. It is considered a Lower Middle-Income country and it has an official GDP per capita of USD 4,073 or so it was in 2017. The total population is 21.4 million people The country is, however, making significant progress in the area of socio-economic development and in and human development too so you have to give them credit for that.

  • What do you understand by the term Black July?
    What do you understand by the term Black July?
    The term Black July was basically the beginning of the civil war in Sri Lanka. The name refers to the riots in Sri Lanka that took place in July of 1983. The riots started out as a response to a horribly deadly ambush that took place on 23 July 1983. It was headed by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. That was a Tamil militant group that existed at that time. They slaughtered 13 Sri Lanka soldiers in the fight and the Sri Lanka people simply weren't going to tolerate it. By the end which was 7 days, between 400 and 3000 people were dead and around 150,000 were homeless. Countless homes and businesses were destroyed too. It was a horrible thing but ultimately, Sri Lanka gained their independence.

  • What is the main dish of Sri Lanka?
    What is the main dish of Sri Lanka?
    The main dish of Sri Lanka is kiribath. Kiribath is a rice dish that is made from coconut milk. Also, known as milk rice, Kiribath is a very popular, traditional dish that is a popular festive dish for any occasion or for everyday meals as well. It is made by cooking rice with coconut milk and is quite simple to make. The ingredients are abundant in the land and are inexpensive so anyone can afford to make it. Rich and poor alike eat their fair share of kiribath. It stems back to long ago and people in the country have feasted on it ever since.

  • What do women wear in Sri Lanka?
    What do women wear in Sri Lanka?
    In Sri Lanka, the women dress very modestly. They are Buddhists for the most part and don't believe in showing their bodies off. The traditional Sri Lankan women tend to wear long skirts that don't show many leg but they are nice fabrics. They do always look neat and fashionable. They also wear tops that also cover their shoulders and their upper arms as well. They don't usually wear pants and certainly not shorts. They also don't indulge in skirts or dresses that come above their knees. Swimming suits are definitely off limits for Sri Lankan women.

  • What is the crime rate of Sri Lanka?
    What is the crime rate of Sri Lanka?
    The crime rate of Sri Lanka is 39.95 which is actually pretty low. The first crime that is analyzed is using or dealing drugs which is at a moderate rate of 49.32. Then next is property crimes like theft and stealing. After that comes violent crimes like assaults and robberies. Bribery and corruption are on the high level though. All in all, the country is safer than it has a reputation for being. But, the current advising for travelers not to venture there has more to do with terrorism than the people of Sri Lanka. Still, caution should be used. It is interesting that bribery and corruption are so widespread in the country. The government there most likely is to blame for much of that statistic.

  • What are the most attractive tourist destinations in Sri Lanka?
    What are the most attractive tourist destinations in Sri Lanka?
    The most attractive and popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka are Visit Sigiriya, the home of the Mount of Remembrance and also the Temple of Tooth at Kandy. They also enjoy the Dambulla Cave Temple which is the largest temple complex in Sri Lanka. Those who want to see the wildlife of Sri Lanka, like the leopards, go to Yala National Park. Arugam Bay is popular for those who want to experience the ocean and the beach. There are so many things to see and do in Sri Lanka, many places are booming with tourists so it is difficult to just pick a few.

  • Who were the victims of Sri Lanka attacks?
    Who were the victims of Sri Lanka attacks?
    The victims of the horrific Sri Lanka attacks were those who were at the churches that were targeted and those that were in the luxury hotels. The vicious attack was aimed at tourists and those who were celebrating Easter. It was a very sad event and was totally uncalled for. There were at least 253 people who were killed and about 500 people who were injured. The attack leaves the entire area as if it was a war zone. Travel is not advised and everyone is on their guard. It is something that wasn't anticipated or predicted by Sri Lanka has its fair share of trouble so it didn't come as a complete surprise either.

  • Who is responsible for Sri Lanka bomb attack?
    Who is responsible for Sri Lanka bomb attack?
    The Sri Lanka bomb attack was a suicide bombing. According to police sources, there was an attack on hotels and churches. There also was an attack on a fourth hotel but fortunately, it failed and it even helped lead police to the Islamist group that is now being blamed for the assault. It was the bombers' suspected mastermind, Islamist preacher Zahran Hashim who the police were lead to. He was among the 15 people killed during the raid the police conducted on a house in the eastern town of Sainthamaruthu. So, all in all, it was the Islamist group who was responsible for the bombing.

  • What is the literacy rate of Sri Lanka?
    What is the literacy rate of Sri Lanka?
    Sri Lanka has a higher literacy rate than most of the area it is in. It is 92% which is astounding for being a developing country. The population of Sri Lanka has a literacy rate that is much higher than that expected for a third world or developing country. It actually boasts the very highest literacy rate in all of South Asia, outrating India for sure. It has one of the highest literacy rates in all of Asia too. One reason why the literacy rate is high is because education has played a huge role in the culture of the country since long ago, 543 BC. They place emphasis on education and literacy shows!