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Skills Questions and Answers

  • Can you enter text at 20 words per minute?  
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  • Can you apply basic key functions: space bar, return/enter,  shift, arrows, delete, backspace, tab? 
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  • Can you point, click, double-click and select text with a mouse?
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  • What is the function of a mouse?
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  • What is the proper postion of your hands on a keyboard?
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  • How do you open a program such as microsoft word when there are no icons on the desktop?
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  • What is the Internet?
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  • What does download mean?
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  • What is a search engine?
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  • Why do we generally avoid using a broom to sweep the house?

  • What tool do we use to remove dust and hair from over the floors prior to mopping?

  • What happens if too much water saturates hardwood and laminate floors?

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