Sidney Crosby Quizzes & Trivia

Who is the Canadian professional ice hockey player who serves as captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins in the National Hockey League? Did you guess Sidney Crosby? If you did, then you just scored your first goal! In his first NHL season, he finished sixth in the league scoring 102 points! How many points will you score in our Sidney Crosby quizzes?

Where was he born? In which year did he earn the Art Ross Trophy and the Hart Memorial Trophy, and the Lester B. Pearson Award? Yes, he earned all of those accolades in the same year! For which hockey team did his father play? Where does Crosby’s 2006 number 87 come from? Sidney Crosby is a true phenomenon of the sport of hockey. You’ll have an icy blast taking our Sidney Crosby quizzes! 
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    What age did Sidney Crosby start playing hockey?

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    This is an easy one: When was Sidney Born?

Lets see how well you know Sidney Crosby.

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    What is Sidney Crosby's middle name?

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    Sidney Crosby's Middle Name Is?

How much do you hate Sidney Crosby? Find out now.

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    How do you refer to Sidney Crosby?