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In these adventures you'll find out how much you know about Holmes' hobbies and learn all about the cases he's solved. Find out what the detective's vices were. By the time you have completed all these quizzes, you'll know who Irene Adler and Professor Moriarty are. Unravel all the mysteries about Sherlock Holmes by taking these quizzes!
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I read the book sherlock holmes the case of the blue diamond and then I prepared this exercise. Read the book,  do the exercise and to find out how much you know. Good luck

Questions: 14  |  Attempts: 2070   |  Last updated: Mar 1, 2016
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    The investigation takes place during...

Are you a true Sherlock? Search the Net for information to answer the quiz.

Questions: 7  |  Attempts: 783   |  Last updated: Mar 1, 2016
  • Sample Question
    Who created Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock Holmes Quiz 1 - A Study In Pink

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 156   |  Last updated: Jul 31, 2017
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    The first message Sherlock sent using Watsons cellphone said what?

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 1765   |  Last updated: Jun 18, 2018
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    How is 221B Baker Street important in the Sherlock Holmes stories? 

How well do you know about Sherlock Holmes? Take this quiz and find out now!

Questions: 18  |  Attempts: 190   |  Last updated: May 18, 2015
  • Sample Question
    What was the name of the savage blowpipe-toting pygmy in "The Sign of Four"?

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Sherlock Holmes Questions & Answers

What is very special about the Sherlock Holmes story, 'The Empty House?'  
This is the shortest Sherlock Holmes story out of all stories
Which story is the only Sherlock Holmes story that has something to do with a lion?
The correct answer to this question is C, The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character, which had several short stories. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote these stories and The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger is one of them.
Which one of these is not one of Sherlock Holmes' idiosyncrasies (peculiar qualities)? 
He uses the word elementary very frequently in his conversations with Watson
Which of these topics has Sherlock Holmes written a monograph on?
On deducing the habits of owners from their dogs