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Who is Hollywood’s All American sweetheart? Although there are many who could fit the bill, one who always comes to mind for me is Sandra Bullock. This all American actress (and producer) rose to fame in the 1990’s with roles in such films as “Demolition Man”, “Speed”, “The Net”, and “While You Were Sleeping”. She might have captured your heart in any one of these films; but how much do you really know about her? Take our Sandra Bullock quizzes today and learn more about this Hollywood sweetheart.

Through our quizzes, you’ll learn the answers to questions like these and more: Where was Sandra born? What was her father’s profession? Where did her parents get married? Where did she study acting in the early 90’s? Which 90’s sequel to her most popular film does she regret making? Come on and speed through the life and times of Sandra Bullock with us. 

Do you truly know this famous star? Find out by taking our quiz!

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    Where was Sandra Bullock born?

We loved her in Speed! She stole our hearts in The Lake House! Sandra Bullock has made numerous excellent roles during her career. Choose wisely and see which character are you. Could it be a passionate lawyer,...

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How well do you know Sandra Bullock? Let’s find out

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    Which movie did not feature Sandra Bullock?

Can You Answer All These Questions About Sandra Bullock?

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    Who replaced Melanie Griffith when the film "Working Girl" became a TV show?

Sandra Bullock is one of the best actresses of her generation. She is mostly known for her roles in comedies such as "Miss congeniality" and many more. With that said, do you think you know enough about this beautiful...

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  • Sample Question
    How old is Sandra Bullock?

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