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One more technological super-brand pops up. I’m sure you’ve been familiar with this one for a while, but hey, let’s see if you’ve missed something that they’ve been up to lately. For instance, do you know what the meaning of the Korean hanja word Samsung is?

Or how about this: when was the SPC-1000 computer introduced? Not sounding very familiar? Then how about this one: what was the year did Samsung’s founder die in? Alright alright, I did say lately. Fine! Then check this out: name the Premier League and Bundesliga clubs that are currently sponsored by Samsung.

And if you like that one, you’re going to love this: what is the maximum size of microSD cards that are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5? Feeling more comfortable now? Well you definitely should and for more familiarity, have a walk through these quizzes!

All answers need to be correct to win the device! You can Google, check the Samsung website or use the tools your Samsung rep has provided

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    Which device(s) utilize S Pen technology? Choose all that apply

This quiz is designed to assess your general knowledge on Samsung brand. Carefully read all instructions and follow the guidelines. Read all questions carefully before you answer each one. It is mandatory that you fill in your...

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    How is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 paired with Galaxy Gear?

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    Which statement regarding activewash™ is NOT correct? (1 answer)

Questões Sobre o GSPN.

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    Quais autorizadas atendem o Porta Retrato Digital?

All the Spc's are required to take this quiz without using internet for some other mean.

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    A customer whose official mail is running on an exchange server can use which function in Champ 3.5G to sync his emails to his phone?

Samsung Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Samsung Intensity and Samsung Intensity II?
You may not be familiar with Samsung Intensity and Samsung Intensity II because these are phones that have been released a long time ago. The display size of both phones are still very small, but they do have some differences in their capabilities. S