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How to hit application without hitting the web server?
The answer is B. In order to hit an application without hitting the web server, you would use the default host port on the application server. If this sounds confusing to you, let me break it down into simpler terms. Let us say that you received a ne
What do you need in order to create a pool of connections that an application can use to interact with a database?
There are different types of JDBC drivers. The type 1 driver connects the ODBC driver to the database. Its role includes to convert into the ODBC function. There are several disadvantages to using this which are that it may be not as fast as the othe
What task(s) does an administrator need to perform in order to create a new WebSphere cell and implement a horizontal scaling topology?
Creating WebSphere cells and implementing horizontal scaling topology would require the use of federated nodes and creating cluster members across multiple machines. This means that the answer to this question is D. If you would like to create a cell
What is the definition of a work package?
When talking about project management the term work package might come up. A work package groups existing work orders under a new parent package. Work packages look like projects themselves and are often thought of as sub-projects that exist within l