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Roblox Questions & Answers

Who was your first friend on Roblox?
The answer for this is no other than Builderman. If you would check Roblox, this has the most number of followers. What is Roblox anyway? This is a type of platform that will allow you to check different virtual worlds. You will have a lot of fun che
Who is your first friend when you first get on ROBLOX?
The correct answer to this question is B, Builderman.Robloxis an online platform, where one can create their games, as well asplaygames created by fellow users. With being everyone's firstfriend, it is not surprising that Builderman has the most foll
Is Roblox a better multiplayer game than Club Penguin?
Both games are massive multiplayer online game. But I think Roblox is a better multipayer game than club penguin. The number of players Roblox has in a month is over 50 million players, this shows that Roblox is more popular and preferred by players
Who is builderman?
In roblox, builderman's only task is to welcome new team members to the game of roblox.