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This is the ultimate RMS Titanic trivia about the sinking of the ship. Royal Mail Steamer (RMS) Titanic was a British passenger liner operated by a British shipping company, the White Star Line. It sank in the North Atlantic...

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    The Titanic was:

Titanic, does the name ring a bell? Take this quiz to learn more!

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    Which three officers were transferred from Olympic to Titanic for her maiden voyage?

Are you a true fan of Titanic? Find out in this awesome quiz

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    Which Titanic lookout received praise for his testimony in the British inquiry by Lord Mersey?

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    Read the passage below and check all the reasons why it might have been hard to spot the iceberg that night: Titanic Facts - An Iceberg Just Ahead At 11:39 lookouts Fredrick Fleet and Reginald Lee were on their post looking out for potential hazards. The elements were against them. The moonless night meant visibility was poorer. They had no binoculars. Unbeknown to them, less than 500 meters ahead lay a large iceberg. What could have made it harder to spot was the likelihood that the iceberg was not a white one. While most are white, some may appear green, black or blue depending on such things as their origin, air bubble content and impurities content. Furthermore, the calm sea may have made the iceberg harder to spot. In windier conditions the iceberg would be surrounded by the white surf of waves crushing against it. In the calm waters of that moonless night, no such surf was visible. http://www.my-secret-northern-ireland.com/titanic-facts.html 

Interested in some trivia on Titanic? Let's get kicking

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    What brand of soap was used and popularly advertised aboard RMS Titanic?