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  • What is the goal of teaching pronunciation today?
    What is the goal of teaching pronunciation today?
    The aim is to find out which features of pronunciation are essential for clear articulation. Making communicative competence the goal of language teachings. A failure to learn pronunciation is a significant hindrance in language learning. The purpose of teaching pronunciation should be to change from the more realistic goals of developing functional intelligibility development of speech monitoring strategies. Pronunciation has a critical social value. There have been studies involving speakers to figure out all the pronunciation. Another goal of teaching pronunciation is to allow only native speakers to teach pronunciation.

  • What is the difference between Of and Off?
    What is the difference between Of and Off?
    Of and off are often used incorrectly by some people as they probably think they have the same meaning or grammatically correct to use especially in (written) sentences. Of, with the single F, is a preposition to show possession or ownership. Examples are the car of my dad, the name of the company, and bags of the students. Off, with the 2 F’s, on the other hand, means away from a thing, place, or person such as these examples: switch off, hands-off, and ran off. Off can be an adjective, adverb, preposition, and a verb. Here is a sample sentence where these two are used at the same time: I switched off the engine of my brother’s car when he hastily went inside the house.

  • Choose the stress pattern for the correct pronunciation of New York.
    Choose the stress pattern for the correct pronunciation of New York.
    New York (equal stress)

  • Why are half the letters in French not pronounced?
    Why are half the letters in French not pronounced?
    French has a lot of silent letters, which can make pronunciation and spelling frustrating for some one trying to learn French. The silent letters (usually the final consonant of words) make the words flow better in speech patterns, so they were developed and changed but written French did not change. Many of the words in French could be just written with a few letters, but instead those silent letters are written because no change has been made to the writing systems over time. English also has some silent letters in some words, especially when "gh" are together in a word. Examples are: bought, taught, though, enough and many others.

  • Which of these statements is true?
    Which of these statements is true?
    Children and adults can both learn pronunciation, but they learn in different ways.-a is the best answer. children learn pronunciation intuitively; they seem to soak up new sounds by hearing and imitation. adults are usually more analytical. they can consciously listen to explanations or look at diagrams, and then imitate what theyve seen and heard, but theyre so used to the sounds of their own language that its hard to change to new one. not b: adults are older and (we hope) wiser, but this doesnt always help them with pronunciation. not c: children arent good at analyzing rules. analytical thinking is something that improves over the years. not d: dont be a pessimist! adults can learn good pronunciation too; they just have to do it in their own way!

  • Which of these factors affect a student’s learning of pronunciation?
    Which of these factors affect a student’s learning of pronunciation?
    All of these are true.-yes, all of these affect how easily students can learn the pronunciation of a new language. people who tend to be more willing to accept new things, who dont mind being daring and different, and people who really want to learn will probably have an easier time of it. young children generally learn new pronunciation more easily than adults. (lucky children!) and the sounds, rhythm, and intonation patterns of a students own language certainly affect how theyll learn the sounds of a new language. (if you chose a, b, or c, youre actually correct too!)

  • Which of these is most important in teaching pronunciation?
    Which of these is most important in teaching pronunciation?
    To motivate students and help them practice in many ways.-b is the best answer. teachers need to get students interested and show them how learning pronunciation will help them, and then give them many ways to practice. not a: both native and non-native speakers can be effective pronunciation teachers, but both groups need preparation and practice to be really great. not c, although its helpful if the teacher understands how the sound system of the students native language works. not d, although, of course, the teacher has to speak loudly enough to be heard. (if you find yourself shouting when you teach, its probably because the students are too noisy-but thats a separate problem!)

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