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Do you know what the standard streams of Linux are? Which is the first statement for the report declaration? Take the awesome online programming language quizzes to test your awareness and learn new stuff.
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    What is the range of numbers you can store in a variable of type byte?

First released in the late 1980s, BASH is a popular Unix shell that runs in a text window, written for the GNU Project. Are you just starting to learn BASH or want to know how it works before deciding to learn it? If yes, take...

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    Which of these is an interface between a user and the kernel? 

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    For the following code, which of the following statements is true?   def printHello(): print("Hello") a = printHello()

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    Instruction for the computer. Many of these puts together make up algorithms and computer programs. 

Welcome Juniors to using Proprofs on-line assessment.  This is the first of many on-line assessments that will be done this semester.  This is a timed quiz so work efficiently.   

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    The programming language of C++ was written by Bjarne Stroustrup.


Programming Language Questions & Answers

What is the difference between VB and VBScript?
VB is the short form of Visual Basic, and it is one of the events driven programming languages available. Visual basic is mostly used to detect events as they occur, and it is very easy to develop. Visual basic ensures the creation of an integrated d
What is the difference between C Sharp and the dot net?
Dot net is a common type of system, set of libraries, run time, and the overall environment under which compliant code is executed. Dot net is a library of law that allows dot net languages to talk to each other. is the portion of the dot net
What method do you use to create programming language?
A programming language can be arranged or interpreted. A compiler figures out what a computer will do. The interpreter goes through the source code line by line, figuring out what it is doing as it goes. Interpreting language is flexible, and each da
What is the purpose of a package checkpoint?
Packages are included in many Microsoft Word or software programs that are comparable to those programs. Yet, sometimes these packages need to go through checkpoints. Sometimes, packages fail and the whole entire package should not be restarted or re
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