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C language

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    C language developed on pdp11 computer in bell laboratry?

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    For the following code, which of the following statements is true?   def printHello(): print("Hello") a = printHello()

Easytrieve is a contemporary programming language which can be used to create reports. Each version of this programming language is used for a particular phase of report generation. Easytrieve is powerful and preferred to other...

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    Which of these operating systems do not support Easytrieve programming language?

Easytrieve is a versatile programming language used by corporate organizations to generate reports of daily business activities. Each version of Easytrieve can be used for a specific role in report generation. Due to its light...

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    How many procedures can be run in the Program section of Easytrieve? 

First released in the late 1980s, BASH is a popular Unix shell that runs in a text window, written for the GNU Project. Are you just starting to learn BASH or want to know how it works before deciding to learn it? If yes, take...

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    Which of these is an interface between a user and the kernel? 

Programming Language Questions & Answers

What is the difference between c sharp and dot net c sharp vs dot net?
Dot net is a common type of system, set of libraries, run time, and the overall environment under which compliant code is executed. Dot net is a library of law that allows dot net languages to talk to each other. is the portion of the dot net
What method do you use to create programming language?
A programming language can be arranged or interpreted. A compiler figures out what a computer will do. The interpreter goes through the source code line by line, figuring out what it is doing as it goes. Interpreting language is flexible, and each da
What is the difference between a shallow copy and a deep copy?
Shallow copyis a bit-wisecopyof an object. A new object is created that has an exactcopyof the values in the original object. If any of the fields of the object are references to other objects, only the reference addresses arecopiedi.e., only the mem