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What makes a person a person? Is it citizenship, political rights, equality under the law? Is it a topic for philosophical debate, or a theological matter – is the soul the subject? Can animals be granted personhood? Are fetuses’ people.

What about an incredibly advanced computer that could think and even feel? And what if aliens landed on earth tomorrow – what would we do then? In the history of the world, women haven’t even always been considered people; nor have children or slaves.

Under some countries’ laws, corporations and organizations can even be people. How much do you know about the legal definition of personhood – or the theological and philosophical basis of this important concept? Take our quizzes and find out more.
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Hi Everyone! During our cultural training seminar at GlobalLT, we learned the differences between individualistic and collectivist cultures. Take this quiz below to find out which category you fall into. The result may help...

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    Do you....

What Type of Person Are You? People come in different kinds. Some people are very likable due to their personality and popularity where as some people have unlikeable traits. Do you know what type of person you are to the people...

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    You hear someone calling for help: What do you do?

There are some people who only see life from their own point of view and do not associate themselves with people they consider to be less. People who are down to earth are viewed very favorably by others. Are you as nice as you...

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    A starving,stray dog is wandering in the middle of the road. You:

There are some people who opt to always do things on their own and never ask for help and there are others who love to be spoon fed and not sweat for what they enjoy. Most independent people have a lot of gratitude for what they...

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    Do you give into peer-pressure alot?

Have you ever wondered if you are too nice to people and that is why they seem to always take advantage of you or why everyone always seems to be on the defensive with you? It may have a lot to do with how kind you are. This quiz...

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    You see the person in front of you has dropped some money out of their back pocket. Do you...

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What is the difference between Executor and Trustee?
Some people are confused with the differences between executor and trustee, probably because they seem to be the same. It is true that they both have to make sure that they need to choose the right beneficiaries for their trust or estate. The things
What makes a person beautiful to you?
Some people see beauty in a different perspective. For me, however, a person’s personality makes her beautiful. A person who is physically beautiful will have lots of suitors and people who will be head over heels with her, but it will still bo