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It’s the Keystone state but don’t worry, if you get our trivia questions wrong we won’t be sending the Keystone Kops round. The state has a varied history and there’s no shortage of subjects we can test you on. Can you tell us when the state introduced the first commercially drilled oil well? If you love looking at animals, why would you have been heading for Pennsylvania in 1874? Have you any idea which baseball tournament is held every year in South Williamsport? Which author described Pennsylvania as the snack food capital of the world?

There are lots happening in Pennsylvania so that means there are plenty of questions we can ask you. So thinking caps on and get ready for a tough but entertaining trivia quizzes. Perhaps if you do well you’ll be heading to Hershey for a celebratory bar of chocolate.

Imagine yourself in the annual Pennsylvania festival! What activity would you prefer to major in? Festivals in Pennsylvania occurring during the summer is at not complete without music and dance sessions, dining, cultural...

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    The Central Pennsylvania Festivals of Arts is locally called __________

Do you really know everything about Pennsylvania? Take this quiz to test yourself!

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    The two letter abbreviation for the state of Pennsylvania is?

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    Who is Pennsylvania named after?

Test your knowledge on this history quiz of colonial Pennsylvania to see how you do and compare your score to others!

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    Religion of William Penn

European  Exploration and SettlementWilliam Penn and English SettlementLife in Colonial PennsylvaniaLife on the Pennsylvania Frontier

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  • Sample Question
    When Henry Hudson reached the Delaware Bay, he was actually searching for __________

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