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Why did Paris use trickery or magic to have Helen? Paris, who was the prince of Troy, received a wish from a goddess. His wish was to wed the most beautiful woman in the world. The only problem was...
The correct answer to this question is C, Helen was married. Paris wanted to marry Helen, but she was already married. To steal her from her husband, Paris had to trick her. This type of question would be found on a test for both high school and coll
What is the name of Paris' first ice bar?
Ice KubeAt the Ice Kube Bar expect soft lighting, mirrors, sit in the big chair baroque style, fully carved in ice, or sit at the bar next to the Iceman to sip your cocktail. The bartender has created 4 vodka drinks served in ice glasses, half an hou
How about beautiful Paris France?
France is a great place to visit. Its romantic sites are the perfect spot to create romance. As they say, it is the country of love. The historic architecture and the interesting spots are worth a visit. In addition, the have look at the splendid mon