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Oregon Questions and Answers

  • Handsfree sets can be used by drivers of any age
    Oregon question from

  • How many feet away can music be heart from your vehicle?
    Oregon question from

  • Persons of any age can ride in the pickup bed or another external part of the vehicle.
    Oregon question from

  • True or False?  The Oregon Trail was the ONLY way to get to the western US.
    Oregon question from

  • One in every _________ people would die along the way.
    Oregon question from

  • What would happen to the people that couldnt fit in the wagon?
    Oregon question from

  • What state bird might land in the state tree of Oregon, the Douglas Fir?
    Oregon question from

  • What is the two letter abbreviation for the state of Oregon?
    Oregon question from

  • Which two men explored what is now Oregon in 1805 as part of a well-known expedition?
    Oregon question from

  • The speed limit in a school zone is..
    Oregon question from

  • Traffic fines are doubled in .. 
    Oregon question from

  • What colour signs display information on exits etc. ?
    Oregon question from

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