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It's a measure of the sheer tennis excellence of Novak Djokovic that he's managed to dominate the sport at a time when he's up against all time greats in the form of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. In a sports mad country, Novak has quickly become the pride of Serbia and helped heal the scars left by the region's civil war. If you like nothing more than cheering on Novak to yet another tournament success then let's see if you can be just as successful when you take part in our Novak Djokovic quizzes.

Which was the first tournament that Novak Djokovic won, and how old was he at the time? When did Novak first climb to number one in the world rankings? In which year was he officially crowned World Sportsman Of The Year? Time to serve up the questions.

He's a very popular Tennis player who also knows how to play the game. So, I'm urged to build some questions on him for you guys.

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  • Sample Question
    When was Novak born?

How big of Novak Djokovic lover are you?

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    At what tennis tournament did Novak Djokovic win his first Grand Slam title?

Novak Djokovic Questions and Answers