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Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Gameboy, Wii, these are just a few of the great things that were brought to us by Nintendo. Our new quizzes are focused on the legendary Japanese company and all of its achievements.

Here are a couple of the questions we have prepared for this challenge. Back in the time when it was founded, what did the Nintendo company originally produce? What is Nintendo’s best-selling video game console? What was the name of the Nintendo console released in 1996 that featured 3D polygon model rendering? When was the Mario Bros. arcade game first published by Nintendo? Are you ready for more questions? Choose your answers carefully or as Nintendo used to put it: Get N or get out!

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  • What game did the character Marth debut in?
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  • Who is the main character of the video game "The Mystery of Murasame Castle", also known as "Nazo no Murasame Jo"?
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  • Creatures, Inc. is one of the co-creators of Pokemon. What other popular Nintendo franchise does the company also make?
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  • Em qual ano o SNES finalmente chegou a terras brasileiras?

  • Quais as cores dos botões X,Y,B e A nos joysticks do SNES nas versões européias e japonesas?

  • Qual foi o principal nome por trás da criação do SNES?

  • Nintendo to your knowledge is located where?

  • This is one of their console exclusives?

  • On which day was the company founded?

  • Nintendo’s four primary geographic  operating segments were Japan, the US (includes the U.S & Canada), Europe and Other (includes countries such as Korea, Australia).  Knowing what you know about the Video Game Industry, what market segment accounted for most of Nintendo’s sales?
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  • Of the three competitors: Nintendo, Microsoft & Sony, which company was the only one to earn a profit per console sold?
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  • Which of the five generic strategies is Nintendo using?
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